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3D скульптура, Цифровой Скульптинг для 3d печати, производства на ЧПУ-станках, Изготовления Нормал бампа для 3d моделей используемых в реал-тайм приложениях.

Portrait puppet heads for a TV show

We participated in the design of portrait puppet heads for "The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow". Was sculpted more than ten celebrity portrait heads to make animatronic puppet heads

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Comic style illustration using digital sculpture

Zbrush is amazing instrument, it let users to use digital sculpture for a variety of purposes. Well, today here is a little example of using Zbrush tools to get Comic style art.

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Portrait figurines from photos of real people. Making of

it's time show how we try to make portraits figurines from photos of real people. 3d models of miniature figurines from several customer’s photos, so the head receives a portrait likeness to the original. Then 3D printing, painting...

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