Rabbit, Hare head sculpture wall mount for 3d printing, CNC carving.

Realistic digital sculptures

Great White Shark. Base Mesh 3d model including Hi-poly, Low-poly, Zbrush ZTL file

3D printing in plastic

Bear Head sculpture. wall mount model for 3d printing, Jewelry design, etc

Animal head wall mounts

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton portraits. digital sculptures. 3D model for CNC, 3d printing, mold making

3D Portraits from several photos

Bear face relief model. Cast in chocolate and plastic, 10cm

Casting in plastic, chocolate, etc...

Great White Shark. Base Mesh 3d model including Hi-poly, Low-poly, Zbrush ZTL file
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turbosquid 3d model store. voronartcom

Just take a look at our entire library of digital 3d models for sale

Animal sculptures, Celebrity portraits, etc… The vast majority of our 3d models, available on Turbosquid, was certified as «CheckMate Lite» — a reliability standard. Please read the TurboSquid Royalty Free License before you pay

Current production technologies make it possible to produce an actual sculptures, statues based on digital sculpture through CNC carving or 3D printing. The choice of materials for the embodiment of your idea into real life is also quite varied. It can be wood, various kinds of plastics and even metal!

The services provided by us such as 3D Sculpting, High polygon 3D modeling will help you bring your original idea from your mind into real world. The main direction in our work is organic modeling of 3d characters, including Animals, Humans, Monsters, full-body figures or variations of a heads, clothing. Also 3D Portraits of celebrities or your loved ones from several photo.

Voronartcom shapeways online store. Original jewelry and 3d prints

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