This week i found a couple photos of my recent models. Digital sculptures of US presidential election candidates 2016 were 3d printed two times at least 🙂

“Freshmade3d” (USA) used Hillary head model to print life-size bobblehead. And this Hillary statue was present at the first presidential debate.

“Life-sized 3D bobblehead of Hillary Clinton, to be displayed alongside Bobblehead Trump at the first presidential debate at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio on September 26.”

These unique, life-size bobble heads of the 2016 presidential nominees will draw attention to the advanced manufacturing capabilities of Youngstown.
3dprintedprez, 3dprintedprez

“Mcor” (Ireland) printed Donald and Hillary busts with their full color 3d printer to demonstrate the printer features.

Mcor 3D printers create complex, durable and stable physical 3D models from paper and the models can be tapped, threaded, hinged, and made water resistant and flexible…
Deirdre MacCormack, Mcore