Amazing Angry Bear Wall Light!

Hi, in this article we want to tell how we made this beautiful wall llight. You can take a look at the video presentation as well as at the photos below. We managed to achieve thishis amazingly beautiful effect when lighting the sculpture from the inside. This is a great solution for your home or public place decoration – in daylight our bear head is a detailed white sculpture of a wild animal, and in the darkness it turns into a beautiful night light.

How we started creating bear sculpture

Above all we started by creating a highly detailed digital sculpture of the head of a Brown Bear (grizzly bear). Pay attention to the fine details of the sculpture – a ferocious eyes, wide open mouth, teeth, tongue, and detailed fur of the wild beast. Thereafter we just printed the bear 3d model using a 3d printer. We needed to cut the model and print it by parts, therefore we glued the parts together to get the large sculpture. In this way we got a master-copy of the model for making an mold for urethane resin casting.

Angry brown bear grizzly animal head digital sculpting in zbrush

Angry bear silicone mold creation

The next step is to create a silicone mold for rotational casting. The way to get a lightweight sculpture is using Rotational casting. Below you can see the stages of creating a thin-walled silicone mold fixed in a hard shell. We used thixotropic (brushable) silicone rubber for flexible mold and glass-filled polyurethane for hard shell. We applied components layer by layer until the required thickness is reached.

Rotational casting of an Angry Bear sculpture

In conclusion, we got a plastic model through polyurethane resin rotational casting. In addition, the sculpture is quite large (45x35x35cm)! When we tried to look at the light through the first copy of the bear , we thought – this is something incredible! We definitely need to use this effect. So we came up with the idea of ​​creating an angry bear sculpture wall-light.

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