Bear head sculpture. High polygon 3D model.

Brown bear head sculpture. High polygon 3D model. For the production of decorative elements in interior design. The model was used for wooden sculpture through machine tool with numerical software control (CNC). Bear head sculpture done used Zbrush, optimised and prepared for 3d printing or CNC carving. Also provided separate layer with a fur details, and the second layer of asymmetry adding. Working of layers can be seen in animated GIF-pictures below.

Animated Bear head was used as base.

3D скульптура головы медведя. Высоко полигональная модель, для производства декоративных элементов в интерьер. Изготовление деревянной скульптуры предполагается на станке с Числовым Програмным Управлением (ЧПУ). Скульптинг выполнена в Zbrush. Отдельным слоем (Layer) добавлен мех, а вторым слоем чуть разбавил симметричность модели. Работу слоев можно видеть на анимированных GIF-картинках ниже.

За основу взял голову от 3D модели Анимированного Медведя

Our other Bear head sculpture 3D models:

Roaring bear head sculpture. Solid 3D model. Aggressive, attacking or charging brown bear (grizzly) head 3d model with opened jaws, realistic tongue and teeth. May be used for 3d printing, CNC milling, Rendering, Jewelry design etc. Click on the picture to see.

Nikolay, Voronart
roaring bear head 3d model

Bear-head sculpture suitable for creations of Physical Form via 3d printing, CNC carving, for making a wall mounted faux taxidermy animal. Maybe used for Jewelry design, interiour design, digital visualisation, for the production of illustrations. Click on the picture to see.

Nikolay, Voronart
Bear Head sculpture. High polygon 3D model