Bear skull replica in plastic and metal. Incarnation through 3d printing

Bear Skull, today we would like to recall our old model. Another incarnation of our old digital model in various materials through 3d printing. On photos below you can see a bear skull made by the method FDM 3d printing in PLA (polylactide) plastic. It is 11 cm replica of a bear skull available for purchase through our Etsy shop or contact Us directly

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here are photos of hollowed model of a beas skull in metal and plastic. The first pictures shows the model as an silver pendant 4 cm length. Second photos – 5 cm bear skull 3d printed in steel. Last pictures – 10 cm 3d print in polyamyde

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The photographs below show the latest experiment with the model of the bear’s skull. This is a metal whistle. The cavity inside the skull of a bear is used to generate a loud and clear sound. This is the steel item. Produced using the technology of 3d printing with steel powder. With the help of a hole on the top of skull you can change the whistling tone

You can choose one of three variations:

  • Skull wistle
  • Skull whistle without lower jaw. Hole on the top for intermittent sound (open and close with your finger)
  • Skull without a jaw with a bottle opener. Hole on the top for intermittent sound (open and close with your finger)
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…and here is a bigger 3d print in PLA plastic, 23 cm length. We plan to make life-size bear’s skull replica soon. Just keep in touch!

Large Bear skull replica. Home decor, plasic scale model