Wild Boar head faux taxidermy resin casting. Painted with acrylic

Hi, here are first photos of our Wild Boar head wall mount (faux taxidermy), indoor wall decor. Metallic look, bronze and copper metals. The metallic appearance was achieved using acrylic paints. We may definitely say that this is our first product of our own design and production. Now you can take it in your hands or decorate your room. This model was sculpted based on photographs of a Wild boar. Boar head is equipped with screw hole on the back for mounting the model on the wall. We will definitely work on improving and expanding the color palette. Thanks!

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By the way, here is similar digital 3d model. High polygon 3D model. This 3d model suitable for creations of a physical form via 3d printing, CNC carving. To get the model follow the link on the right. Please, also take a look at our other animal digital sculptures.

Nikolay, Voronart
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