Brown Bear ring animal head 3D model for 3d printing. Jewelry design

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Grizzly, Brown Bear ring. Updated design

I want to present you an updated and improved jewelry design known to you from our previous publications.

Well, meet a smiling brown bear relaxing on your finger! Animalistic jewelry 3d model. High quality digital sculpture for Jewelry production. Right now you have the chance to purchase a digital 3D model of this product, just contact us to discuss.
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A bear is the symbol of good nature and aggression, heroic strength and awkwardness, idleness and maternal care. The bear is a character of many tales, proverbs and sayings. If you or your friends are hunter or wild nature lover, this happy bear ring will definitely become a favorite of your jewelry collection or a wonderful gift.

The digital 3d model created in Zbrush. Decimated down to 300 000 polygons