Complex silicone mold keyed to a hard shell for wild boar head resin casting

Complex silicone mold for resin casting. I would like to show a small video how i’m getting a thin-walled wild boar head out of a thin silicone mold keyed to a hard shell. Mold- SmoothOn Rebound, Plasti-Paste. Polyurethane resin – NovTechComponent D5 from SPB colored with liquid urethane colorant (black and brown). Rebound rubber is intended for making brush-on molds and can be applied with a brush layer by layer. Plasti-Paste used as a support shell.

So usint the complex silicone mold and roto-casting by hand we were able to obtain a thin-walled and lightweight replica of our boar head model. Using this techniques we can quickly make the required quantity of copies of the model.

To make the silicone mold we used our Wild boar head faux animal head 3d print which we got from our high polygon 3D model of the boar. This 3d model suitable for creations of a physical form via 3d printing, CNC carving. To get the model follow the link on the right. Please, also take a look at other our animal digital sculptures.

Nikolay, Voronart
Wild boar digital 3d model
Wild boar 3d print photos