voronart turbosquid store link. 3D models for 3d-printing and CNC

Just take a look at our entire library of digital 3d models for sale

Animal sculptures, Celebrity portraits, etc… The vast majority of our 3d models, available on Turbosquid, was certified as «CheckMate Lite» — a reliability standard. Please read the TurboSquid Royalty Free License before you pay
voronfab animal sculptures, wall mounted faux taxidermy online store

Our wild animals embodied in unique pieces of arts and crafts

Voronfab wall mounted faux taxidermy. Manufacturing in our own production facility allows us to maintain the high quality and purity standards. Antique bronze, old copper. We make almost anything look like metal using acrylic paints
Voronartcom shapeways online store. Original jewelry and 3d prints

Our Works

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Hi friends! If you are interested in the digital sculpting, 3d-printing and resin casting in a silicone, find us on social networks by these tags: #voronfab #voronart #voronartsculpture