Project Description

Grey Santa. Santa Claus gift statuette

On the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays we was able to participate in the creation of these beautiful gift statuette. At the invitation of the manufacturer (, we worked on the creation of a digital model of the Santa Claus portrait bust. Subsequently, the digital model, prepared for 3D printing, was used to produce of 11-centimeters figurines in various materials and finishes. The manufacturer plans to release figurines through 3d printing of a digital model, making a silicone mold and casting of copies including stainless steel casting.

Our selection of Metal Infused Grey Santa statuettes include resin figurine made with Copper finish, resin figurine made with Bronze finish, resin figurine made with Marble finish, and resin figurine made with Metallic finish. We have also crafted an exquisite Solid 100% stainless steel Santa Statuette to lure your eyes. These can be the perfect Xmas picks for teachers, parents, grannies, neighbours, friends, and kith and kin.


The GREYSANTA also invites you to take part in the manufacturing of this beautiful statuettes, just join the crowdfund campaign via Indiegogo

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