Project Description

Growling Wolf animal head bas-relief. Bronze wall sculpture home decor

Growling Wolf sculpture overview:

  • Handmade item
  • Height: 38 Centimeters
  • Width: 36 Centimeters
  • Depth: 11 Centimeters
  • Made to order. Processing time: 3-5 days
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Meet our growling wolf face relief sculpture. Wall decor for your home, office, bar, restaurant or other public places. The model is hollow, lightweight, strong and durable, equipped with keyhole hanger on the back for easy mounting on a wall. Several color options are available. There is a hole in his mouth, therefore it may be used to hang something (it is a decorative element, do not try to use for hanging heavyweight objects).

  • Physical size: 38cm tall, 36cm width, 11cm depth.
  • Weight: ~800 g.
  • Material: Urethane resin, Acrylic paints
  • Color: Just select one of color options. “Antique Bronze” (hand painted) option also available. Our products are covered with UV resistant varnish. You can use our sculpture as is or decorate it with acrylic paints.

Wolf symbolism:

Gray wolf key predator of forests of temperate latitudes, taiga and tundra. The symbolism of the wolf is contradictory. First of all it is freedom and independence, valor and victory, but on the other side – cruelty and bloodthirstiness, gluttony and cunning.
In Norse mythology, the symbol of chaos is the giant wolf Fenrir, however Gehry and Freki are two wolves that accompany the god Odin. In ancient Rome, the wolf – the omen of victory dedicated to Mars. Similarly, the Egyptian god Upuaut (dr. -Egip. “Discovery of ways”) – the god of war was also a wolf god. The she-wolf who fed Romulus and Rem is an image of ardent maternal care.
In traditional European heraldry, Wolf is a symbol of greed, anger and gluttony. But in contrast, it can also symbolize loyalty to family and family values, the ability to defend for their  home.

The wolf is the direct ancestor of the domestic dog. Wolf is highly developed creature aslo in relation to collective actions. Opinions about the danger of a wolf for a man are very contradictory.
In conclusion, it is worth mentioning the starry sky of the southern hemisphere one can observe the constellation “Wolf”, located between Centaurus and Scorpio. Where in 1006 the brightest known supernova SN 1006 broke out, which was described in detail by Chinese and Arabian astronomers.

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