Project Description

Buy nude Woman rigged 3d character

Nude woman 3d character, rigged and textured 3d model. Ready for animation in real-time Applications, Visualization, Digital art production. 3D mesh of the model contains only square polygons and adapted for mesh smoothing. Model rigged using CAT (Character animation toolkit) and “skin” modifier, 3ds MAX 2011 and higher no plug-ins needed. The Max-file contains rigged 3d-model of the Woman, CAT-skeleton and three omni lights. The Model consists of several separate meshes: body, upper jaw, lower jaw, tongue, eyes. Polycount statistic: Polys: 4520, Tris: 9040, Vers: 4581.

CAT Layer Manager contains one Animation Layer with four static Pose:

  • 1) Default (skin) pose (frame #1)
  • 2) Pose #1 (frame #5)
  • 3) Pose #2 (frame #10)
  • 4) Pose #3 (frame #15)

Used textures: Diffuse color map, Specular map, Normal bump map. Body texture size – 4096px, Teeth and tongue texture size – 2048px, Eyes texture size – 512px.

Product files:

  • (including “girl-rigged-02.max”, “girl-rigged-diffuse-01.tga”, “girl-rigged-eyes-diffuse-01.tga”, “girl-rigged-eyes-normal-01.tga”, “girl-rigged-normal-01.tga”, “girl-rigged-specular-01.tga”, “girl-rigged-teeth-diffuse-01.tga”, “girl-rigged-teeth-normal-01.tga”, “girl-rigged-teeth-specular-01.tga”),
  • -girl-rigged-02.FBX,
  • -girl-mesh-01.obj

Preview images rendered in Marmoset Toolbag realtime engine V1.06.
3DS Max viewport screenshots grabbed with use realtime DirectX shader (XoliulShader, not included. Use Internet search for free download).