Project Description

Roaring Bear head digital sculpting. Angry wild animal portrait

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Roaring brown bear, angry animal head digital sculpture

We are pleased to introduce you our High Quality roaring bear. Brown bear, Grizzly bear animal head digital sculpture. Asymmetric high polygonal solid 3D model, flat back. 3d model suitable for creating of tangible objects (physical form) via 3d printing, CNC carving. In other words. for making a molds for casting of souvenirs, wall decor, jewelry production, for interior design, digital visualisation, for making illustrations and much more. Meanwhile, high polygon 3d model may also be used for low polygon game-ready model making through retopology, texturing, maps baking.

First of all, this is the best choice for the making of large products from 40-50 cm and more because the digital sculpture is highly detailed. Pay attention to the fine details of the sculpture – a ferocious look, wide open mouth, teeth, tongue, and fur of the wild beast.

Our wall sculpture of a bear demonstrates the emotion of a wild beast when it resists the enemy, protects a family or territory from unexpected threat. Brown Bear is a largest predator and the host of the northern forests, the king of animals and the totem ancestor of many northern tribes. The symbol of good nature and aggression, heroic strength and awkwardness, idleness and maternal care. The character of many tales, proverbs and sayings.

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