Digial Sculpting. Zbrush

Male portrait bust 3d sculpture. Indian politician


Male portrait. Indian politician Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao Digital sculpting of portrait bust of indian politician Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao, chief Minister of Telangana state. Digital sculpting in Zbrush for 3d printing, CNC carving.  3D model was made in two variants - Single mesh 3d model and The [...]

Wright brothers portrait busts


Wright brothers portrait bust sculpting for the production of metal statuettes Digital sculpting of portrait busts of the Wright brothers: Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright. The work was based on the customer's sketches. Photographs of brothers of the early 20th century used as well. Digital 3D models were prepared for 3d [...]

Hare, rabbit head 3d model


Hare (Rabbit) head digital sculpture. 3D model for 3d printing, jewelry design, faux taxidermy Buy Rabbit, Hare head 3d model buy via Any questions? please contact me Hare head sculpture. Asymmetric high polygon 3D model. Suitable for 3d printing, CNC carving. High polygon model can be also used for [...]

Great white shark base mesh model


Great White Shark Base Mesh 3d model. UV unwrapped High polygon and Low polygon 3D model. Buy Great White Shark 3d model buy via Any questions? please contact me REMEMBER! Digital files only. Here you will not be able to buy any physical objects or tangible things [...]

Grey Santa. Santa Claus gift statuette


Grey Santa. Santa Claus gift statuette On the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays we was able to participate in the creation of these beautiful gift statuette. At the invitation of the manufacturer (, we worked on the creation of a digital model of the Santa Claus [...]

Bobblehead portrait dolls. Digital sculpting for 3d printing


Portrait Bobblehead figurines for 3d printing. Digital sculpting from customers photo The makign of portrait bobblehead figurines from customer's photo. We sculpted it for Our task was to make 3d models of miniature bobbleheads from several photos of real people, so the head receives a portrait likeness to [...]

“Stationswerker”. Old lady digital sculpture


Seated old lady digital sculpture. 3D model for CNC milling in polystyrene Seated old lady digital sculpture called "Stationswerker" Actual statue was CNC-carved in polystyrene and appeared in Dutch railway museum (Utrecht). This Old lady figurine was sculpted in Zbrush, adapted for installation on a bench, and exported to OBJ [...]

Award statuette. Digital Sculpting for Bronze Casting


Award statuette. Digital Sculpting for 3d printing and Bronze Casting Award statuette with a company logo symbol, digital sculpting from customer's sketch. From Zbrush to bronze through FDM 3d printing. Was made the hollow model to ensure material savings during production. The model also can be divided into parts, if needed, [...]

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