Portrait figurines from photos of real people

Ok, it’s time show how we try to make Portrait Figurines from photos of real people. Little story and a lot of pictures about our work with 3Dsharzh.ru. Our task was to make 3d models of miniature figurines from several customer’s photos, so the head receives a portrait likeness to the original. Then guys from 3Dsharzh.ru has printed the model using their 3d printer and gave it actual shape and color through the manual processing and painting. More detail in the pictures below.

Portrait and body digital sculpting – Voronart.com team
FDM 3d-printing, manual processing, hand painting – 3Dsharzh.ru team

female body i started from my girl pose constructor adapting it. Next figurine – Long dress girl, digital sculpt and not painted 3d-print in plastic

For higher quality of 3d printing required a minimal thickness of the printing layer, far as possible. It increase a printing time, but allow to get best quality. Then, printed model subjected to further processing – sanding, priming and painting. For ease of handling, the model divided into the body and the head.

Here’s some more photos. little portrait of a beautiful girl. Digital copy of her was sculpted in Zbrush based on  photos. Then 3d printing, manual processing and painting. And voila! Great gift fell into the owner’s hands

This few pictures give an idea about the sculpting process. The work begins from modifying of male or female body base mesh. The base meshes divided into parts for more easy posing.

Also was made several figurines of couples. They were 3d-printed in plastic and painted as well. The perfect gift for couples in love!

… a few more 3d-print-ready portrait figurines from customer’s photo: