Large wild boar head wall sculpture

“The Wild Boar wall sculpture we make through resin casting. We ofer several color options including «Antique Bronze» and «Old Copper» handpainted with acrylic. Our products are covered with UV resistant varnish. You can use our sculpture as is or decorate it with acrylic paints. Yes, this is a great basis for self-expression! Wild boar sculpture available for order right now. If you or your friends are hunter or wild nature lover, this handmade wild boar head sculpture will definitely become a favorite of your collection or a wonderful gift.”


American bison head faux taxidermy

“Our new wall mount faux taxidermy is now ready to order. Here is the third model we made recently after the Wolf and the boar. The model is hollow, light and durable, equipped with keyhole hanger on the back for mounting the model on the wall. We would like to present our Bison head in several colors. We use high-quality acrylic dyes to paint our models. The model is thinwalled, done by resin casting. Antique Bronze and Copper (faux metal hand painted with acrylic paints) color option also available. We cover our products with UV resistant varnish.”


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