Testing a new 3d printable model

//Testing a new 3d printable model
  • 3d printable model. Lion the pirate relief Zbrush sculpting

Testing a new 3d printable model. Lion the pirate.

Hi everyone who wisited my blog this night. Today i’d like to present new 3d printable model i’m testing now. So, meet Lion the pirate! Relief was sculpted in Zbrush.

At the moment, the test model was printed out in plastic. I have identified several shortcomings in the form of the model. The flaws will be fixed in the near future. The pirate lion model will also appear in our store for sale soon. Once more time I am convinced that the opportunity to look at the model in the development process is a great importance for creating a quality model

I used my simple FDM 3d printer to print this models in plastic. I also painted them with acrylic faux copper, just to practice.

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