Unicorn figurines 3D print

//Unicorn figurines 3D print
  • Unicorn figurine 3d-print based high poly 3d model

Unicorn sculptures was 3D printed and found their owners.

yeah! Today I came across a photos of a Unicorn that was 3d-printed based on my zbrush workIt was the Custom work. 

…mini unicorns were popping up everywhere: New York, Paris, Silicon Valley, Berlin and even halfway across the world in Auckland! The one traveling up to Scotland…
Point Nine Capital, February 2015

Work by customer sketch. Was done 70 copies of the unicorn sculpture (STL file format) with different texts on the pedestal. This means total numbers of unicorns is 70 worldwide ))
Screenshots from Twitter of the Unicorn figurines holders:

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  1. al March 21, 2018 at 10:21 - Reply

    Does anyone have the .STL file of this?

    Thank you

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