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Wild boar. Faux animal head wall mount, hunting trophy. 3D printed in PLA. Just contact Us to get one for yourself

Good news! Now we can implement our digital sculptures in the material, through modern 3D printing technologies. We did it last autumn. This head of the wild boar was printed out in five copies. 3 pieces shipped to the buyer from UK. PLA plastic was used. The size of the sculpture is 18 cm long. The boar was printed in parts: head, eyes, fangs. This allowed us the use different colors of plastic for different parts of the model. You can see the assembly video above.

The boar head was also provided with a back wall. Three screw holes allow you to mount it on the wall. You can use one, two or three screws

We aslo were forced to update boar head Zbrush sculpture, its fur became more expressive, the model got an internal cavity, etc. to ensure a better appearance and ease of printing and assembly.

30 cm wild boar head was also prepared for printing by parts and was 3d printed out later. And… now we try to cast our boars in resin, we will soon show. Follow the news

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