Brown bear, Grizzly bear zbrush base-mesh + Bear Skull base-mesh!

Brown Bear, Grizzly bear base mesh (Including Bear skull base-mesh).

Use this model for creations of Digital Sculptures for 3d printing, CNC carving (just pose it, add details etc…) with your digital sculpting software.
High polygon model can also be used for low polygon game ready model making (through retopology, texturing, maps baking).
Product includes digital 3d model only. Zbrush ZTL-file, MAX, FBX, OBJ, STL files.
ZTL Subtools list: bear body, clutches, eyes, skull, bottom jaw. Body of the bear has 6 subdivision levels. The first subd level – 1518 polys (quads only).

MAX, FBX, OBJ files contains optimised polygonal mesh of bear base mesh, polycount was decreased to 178908 polygons for easy displaying in any 3d modeling Applications (look at preview images). You can import it into any 3d software and scale it up or down.

Preview images done in Keyshot, Zbrush.
Thanks! Also watch our other animal digital sculptures: bears, wolfs,bison, lions, etc.

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